FJ Owners Club

The FJ1100 and FJ1200 Specialist

Now through the FJR Centre
Run by Phil aka Doc; To book service
please contact him on 07 551 6551 41


FJ Service Intervals

The Clubs workshop 'the FJR Centre' (once called Fudge motorcycle) works on the classic, Yamaha FJ1100 and 1200 models.
The workshop has been going over 23 years and has built up an excellent name with its quality of workmanship, its massive knowledge on this one make and its bonus of cheap parts and labour charges. This means that it can be busyier in the spring and summer months, normally with up to a two weeks waiting list.
Many members forget that if a major service is due annually, then its not important if the job was done February or August, your linkages will still be greased, your shims will still not have gone out of adjustment etc. I have always serviced my bike at the end of a year; this allows me to have a busy spring/summer riding the bike instead of servicing or repairing it. But what is important is the bike is SERVICED
We now have a new Business partner Jake aka 'Peg' who has been working with us for over 6 years on both the FJ's and FJR's so has quickly gained massive experience in all fields on these bikes and non FJ's.
The workshop prices both parts and labour are a fraction of your local tyre kicking dealer and their normal £200 charge for an oil and filter change!

Thank you for your support and please book your FJ in for a quailty service.

All charges are for labour (inc) only and exclude Parts

INTERIM SERVICE: every 2-4000 miles
Work carried out: Replace: Engine oil Check: Bearings, pads, chain checked/adjusted, lights, tyres, levels, battery, & ABS etc.
Cost: £50

Work carried out; Valve clearance checked and adjusted.
note; the valve clearance will always be out every year and if not done engine damage may occur.
COST; £90

MAJOR SERVICE; 8k MILE or 12 monthly SERVICE (which ever comes sooner)
Work carried out:
Replace: Engine oil & Filter, Valve clearance adjustment, chain adjustment, Balance carbs. Check: bearings, pads, air filter, lights, tyres, levels, battery, & ABS etc.
COST: £120

LINKAGE SERVICE 16k MILE or 24 monthly SERVICE (which ever comes sooner)
Work carried out:
Grease: Steering stem, linkages, swinging arm and rear shock
COST: £120

please note at 16k both the Major and Linkage Service need to be carried out. (FULL MONTY)

All other work is carried out at a charge of £45 per hour

Local accomodation near Cromhall
B&B ;
Albion GH 01454 329173 Yate
Elmside house 01453 843446 Wotton_u_egde
Yew Tree House B&B 01454 294104 Cromhall

Premier Inn Bristol (Alveston) 0871 527 8152