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Very often with many insurance companies, one of the problems that can arise is when you make a claim they rarely give the correct value for your pride and joy. Instead they look it up in the Glass Guide and by the time they have taken off for your high mileage and your accessories your left with a settlement far less that you thought .
Footman James offer an Agreed Value with your policy for only a small administration fee of £10. The idea is to contact me with your bike details and what value you want to put on your bike. I (the club) will access the value, charge you the admin charge then offer you a letter of confirmation. With this you can arrange an Agreed Value against your policy FREE.
In my opinion this is an excellent reason in its self to have Insurance with Footman James but there is more.

When I contacted the AA for my FJ1100 for overseas recovery insurance to help me out in the event of my bike breaking down or having an accident and needing to recover my bike, they said my bike was over 20 years old and could not be covered. They also said they don’t offer accident recovery with any of their bike policies and If my bike was under 20 years it was going to cost over £100 for the year.
So free overseas recovery for any age bike is again a massive reason to look into having a Footman James policy.

My contact Martyn has offered that if any Club members are having any problems with their Footman James policy claim, he can be contacted via me to look into it’.

As I would have guessed, he also pointed out they have a ‘competiitve rate’ on any type of insurance from House to Car. These insurance companies would sell their grand mother for £5 so it might be worth contacting them for a quote.

Martyn is arranging a dedicated web link for members of the Club to get direct quotes as the company will know its from a Club member and get the special rates that has been arranged for the Club (yet to be completed).

Please remember to tell Footman James that you are a member of the FJ Owners Club and your membership number when getting a quote as they will automatically quote you the normal flat rate so extracting more money from you. No shock there eh!

Please let me know if you are getting good quotes or not.
I can chase them up if they don’t seem to be offering good value. Carol Nash started off well then went off the rails and starting offering quotes dearer than other companies, which is not right as they should have been offering Club members a discounted rate .