FJ Owners Club

No Overseas Tours for 2020

Morocco Tour

Spanish Pyrenees Tour

Germany / Luxembourg Tour

Algarve Tours.

The UK Club Runs and Events are for MEMBERS ONLY.
High lighted in WHITE
The runs are arranged for the benefit of FJ Owners Club Members.
Members are welcome to including friends on Non FJ-FJR’s on the runs.
All we ask is that if you do own a FJ or FJR that you are a member.

These runs are not for Forum members unless also members of the FJ Owners Club.

Thanks for your understanding. Doc

2020 UK runs

UK Weekend Runs. 2020 index:

April 5th. Severn Bridge Run.
April 18-19th. Bewdley Weekend.
May 3rd. North Wales Run.
May 8-10th. Scotland
May 23rd-25th Dumfries and Galloway
June 7th Northants Run
June 20th -21th Crickhowell
July 4th -5th Devon
July 18th-19th Whitby
Aug 2nd. West Pennine Run.
Aug 15-16th. Lincolnshire Weekend.
Aug 29-30th. Leicestershire W/end.
Sept 6th. East Sussex Run.
Sept 19-20th. TBA.
Oct 3-4th. Suffolk Weekend.
Oct 10-11th. Cornwall Weekend
Oct 25th. Shropshire Run.

Full details for each event are in the 'Web Members Area'.
This can only be view with membership access codes